Unforgivable it is. But it's TAX season for fuck sake. I can't do it all. Well I could, but I must prioritize, or so I’ve been told. I truly didn’t see the weekend happen. Did you?

See. I moved back into my place. Celebrated Paolo Canevari’s 22nd birthday (his words) on Thursday. Which ended up in us both riding a tiny car around Becky’s -our wonderful hostess- home. Yes I have a photo. Then what. Worked on my overcrowded Omnifocus life organizer. BTW, god bless the GTD movement. Had tea and a casual meeting with a dear family friend, photographer Joan Lieber (youhou). Mhm what else? I don’t know. Just work stuff. Writing proposal for upcoming projects and such. I’ll explain in details what it is I do for a living, one day. So I didn’t watch any movie. Or listened to new music*. Except for Mozart’s Requiem to mask my new neighbors voices. Walls are paper thin around here. Like. I’ve been in the same apartment for 4 years. And heard said neighbors fuck roughly 5 times. And we get newcomers every year. So that’s not a lot of sex. Unless they always all are super quiet. Ya. Maybe that’s an American thing. Whatevs. I didn’t see any shows either. Nor did I go to a bookstore, or participated against my will in a performance. Nada (not the fair)

So I don’t have anything to comment on today. Which is a relief in a way. Which also means, there’s probably gonna be an outpour of material coming out of my brain in the next day or so. Yeah, that stuff needs to go somewhere eventually. And that is, here. Oh I know. I did get a major cold, and watched more House of Cards than I could handle.But taxes. Taxes. I’d rather head to Texas <3 * Actually, not true. Misterwives, Borns, Bleachers, Family of the Year, Electric Guest, Cherub, Local Natives, Cults, Small Black, Savoir Adore, Washed Out, The Naked and the Famous. That counts for something new.