Portrait © Audrey Rose Smith <3

Portrait © Audrey Rose Smith <3

Adèle Jancovici is a French curator, prize-winning publisher, a writer and photographer.

In 2011, she founded in New York the art publishing company Le Livre Art Publishing (LLAP). Collaborating with artists to produce editions in various forms, be it books, prints, and other media, LLAP offers a public space for the private thought. With the support of Marc Jacobs’ Bookmarc, their first project, «Maripola X», was successfully launched in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. 

As publisher, Adèle Jancovici leads each project from inception to end production, for museums, private foundations, and artists alike (such as the monograph on films and performances of Xavier Veilhan, the French multi-disciplinary artist that represented France at the 2018 Biennale in Venice.) Her work encompasses every step of the book completion overviewing both the creative and editorial process: managing production, editing, art direction… Most recently, she completed the publication of Michel Journiac. Le Corps Travesti, a comprehensive book exploring the concept of travestism in the work of the legendary body art figure. 

As curator, she imagines multi-sensorial exhibitions where sound, vision, taste, and scent all come together to create independent realms of experiencing art, like «Monuments of the Memory», a one-night viewing of Paolo Canevari’s debut abstract works, held during the winter of 2015 in New York and the spring of 2016 in Paris. With every show produced, a new narrative is created. Thus, as gallery co-director for Dilecta in Paris, which she joined in January 2017, she conceived of «Melancholia», a group show portraying the story of a phantom, with works by up and coming talents and celebrated artists, such as Robert Longo, Sarah Moon, or John Baldessari.

Early 2018, she acquired land in West Texas, near Marfa, where she is currently developing a long-term project that will see the merging of art, desert landscapes, and publishing.

Past and present clients include:
Éditions & Galerie Dilecta, Galerie Christophe Gaillard, C - Heads, Technikart, VICE.com, Point de Vue, Demeure Historique, Keith Magazine, Standard, Blast, The Forgetory, Les Éditions de l'Herne, Le Livre Art Publishing, fashion designer Raimana Cowan, contemporary artist Sandrine Pelletier, Intersection magazine, L'Office de Tourisme Paris, photographer Maripol, Area Revue, etc.

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